Tips for Choosing a General Contractor in Laval


General contractors deal with large projects, such as the building and rebuilding of homes. They are the people you deal with, although they will hire specialized subcontractors to deal with specific jobs like window installations, electrical and plumbing. If you are planning on adding a storey to a house in Laval, you should hire a reliable contractor for the job. The benefit is that you pay the contractor and it will be their responsibility to pay the subcontractors, therefore you only deal with one person. Here are some tips to help you choose a good general contractor.

How Old Is the Business and Reliability

The age of business is a crucial factor to determine a contractor’s reliability and reputation. A contractor that has been in business for ten years or more is obviously successful, whereas a younger business of one year or less does not prove to you that they have a good reputation. When considering quotes given by different contractors, take the age of the business and reliability of the contractor into account, as this might be more important than the actual cost in the long run.

Licensing and Insurance

Do not be shy to ask your general contractor for their license to ensure that they are qualified to do the job and that they are up to date with your area’s licensing requirements. In addition, ask to see their insurance to determine whether they are insured for defects, workers’ compensation and damage to your property. Guarantees are also very important, because this means that if any issues arise even after the project is completed, the contractor will perform the repairs free of charge.

Price and Payment Terms

Price is a major consideration when choosing a contractor for your project. If you are planning on adding a storey to a house in Laval, you need to know how much the project will cost upfront. Do not settle for the cheapest quote, as this could be a sign of poor quality services. Other things should be considered besides cost, such as reliability, length of time they have been in business, reputation, and their professionalism.

Consider the payment terms, as well, when comparing quotes from one general contractor to another. You will usually be required to pay a deposit in advance, although this should not be more than a third of the total cost. The final payment should be made on completion of the project, as this gives you room in case you are unhappy with the services offered. Also, remember to ask if there are any discounts offered by the contractor.

Check References and Recommendations

The last step in choosing a general contractor should be to find recommendations and conduct reference checks. Reliable contractors will be happy to tell you about the projects they have completed in the recent past. Do not be shy to approach homeowners who have had a project involving adding a storey to a house in Laval recently. Find out how satisfied they were with the services of a potential contractor before getting into any agreements that you could regret later.