Preparing the ground for paving

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Paving is one of the best ways to make a parking lot, patio, walkway or any ground look its best. Installing pavement is a delicate process that takes a lot of preparation, but when it’s done right, you will not have to worry about the pavement you use shifting, sinking or otherwise moving. Paving contractors in Lindsay will prepare the ground before laying any pavement and you should too if you are looking to do this yourself. For large projects such as parking lot paving, it is always a good idea to call a professional or contract the work to a company, as they might be able to do it faster than you will.

Preparing the ground for paving

Although we are preparing the ground for the laying of the pavement, it is important to first of all determine the required thickness of the pavement. This is so that we can know how deep to dig to start the preparation. The standard depth is the width of the pavement plus five inches. This is so that we can compact the soil up to this level. Remember all this is to prevent the pavement from sinking after you install it.

The next step is marking out the area that you would like to pave. Using some string or a barrier of some kind of chalk always work as an easy solution. When this is done, you can start digging down to the depth determined above. Try to keep the final area level even when digging on a slope. Sections of pavement that rise above the rest can really ruin the experience of having the pavement installed.

The next step is spreading gravel or road base on the freshly-dug area. Doing this provides a sturdy foundation on which to lay the pavement. It also helps enhance drainage around each area to be paved. Because gravel does not compact easily, this is a really solid base to prevent all the issues we have been talking about, especially a few years down the line. For the best results, the gravel should be about 3 inches thick and properly compacted.

After this, paving contractors in Lindsay advise that you cover the gravel using a weed cloth to prevent weeds from growing through the pavement and destroying the beauty of all this hard work. The next step is applying concrete sand over the weed cloth you just laid. This provides a level surface and also helps minimize the chances of impact-related breakages because the sand helps absorb shock from walking or driving a car over the pavement. This is especially important when doing parking lot paving. Two inches of concrete sand should be enough.

After all this is done, it is time to install the pavement. This is the easiest part of this whole process. When all of the above is done the right way, you will have paving that will last years, as it is very durable. It will also make it easy to replace the pavement if it should break.