All You Need To Know About Water Well Drilling in Williams Lake

water well drilling

Water wells refer to structures created in the ground by drilling or digging to access underground aquifers. The drilling process starts with a field inspection, on-site evaluation and environmental impact assessment all carried out by the drilling experts. The review takes place on the proposed well site to determine the type of geology, the depth of the aquifer and the drilling equipment that is necessary for drilling.

Three main types of drill bits are essential for the drilling process. The rotary bit is for penetrating and cutting into the rock. The percussion bit is for crushing and smashing the rock. Lastly, the auger bit is for penetrating the soft soil. The bits are a part of the drill rigs securely mounted onto the back of large trucks. This is where the drilling process starts. A pump, inserted within the well, pushes water from the aquifer level to the surface.

Drilling companies should follow this process when sinking any water well in Williams Lake. Here are some of the drilling services offered by professionals in this field:

– Residential Water Wells
You may live in an area where water is scarce, or the supply from public water companies is unreliable. In this case, you may opt to have a private water supply from your water well in Williams Lake. Before contracting any drilling company, it is vital that you carry out due diligence by checking out the different services that different licensed drilling companies offer. Doing so ensures that you are getting value for your money. The company should have a good record of accomplishment, and you can check out testimonials from their previous clients. The company should also have a license in addition to offering support services such as maintenance and repairs. The company should provide these services at a reasonable price.

– Commercial Water Wells
Commercial water well drilling in Williams Lake takes place for a different set of reasons as compared to those of residential wells. They include the setting up of irrigation wells and the construction of large production wells for commercial use. These wells are also much more extensive than domestic ones are. Although the scale of the project and the capacity of industrial water wells are higher than that for residential wells, the drilling process is the same. Usually, drilling companies have to meet all the required specifications in their bids before they receive the construction contract.

– The Design of the Well
The design should ensure that the water is free from contamination as it travels up to the surface from the bottom. For this reason, a screen is usually at the lower end of the well, and it sieves out any contaminants. The design casing and surface seal prevents contaminants from the upper levels from getting into the well.

Water well drilling can offer timely solutions, especially in situations where the water supply is insufficient in meeting the water demands of the population. The water found in the underground aquifers is of higher quality than surface water because it is often uncontaminated.