Factors To Consider When Choosing Paving Materials in Abbotsford

concrete pavers

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make regarding your landscape is the type of hard cape material you need to choose for your patio, including other outdoor areas of your home. Unlike plants and furniture, changing the hard cape is not easy once installed. It is worth noting that it is a major commitment. Therefore, whether you choose patio pavers or concrete pavers in Abbotsford, you need to consider the key features and benefits of all available options.

Patio Pavers

A well-designed yard is not just for looking at. It’s a highlight that allows you to joyfully immerse yourself, family and friends within your home. A well-built patio allows you to entertain, relax, and work from the comfort of your home. With the right patio pavers, your well-built hard cape will be so attractive that it will be hard for you to be drawn away from it.

Whether you wish to increase the design aspect or curb appeal of your home through your peaceful gateway within the privacy of the backyard, you will happily discover that patio pavers can provide the beauty and functionality you are looking for. The right pavers will allow you to enhance the feel and look of your property, while increasing its appeal and value for any potential buyers. Even if you have no plans to put your home on the market, you still get to enjoy your patio for many more years, whether you’re gardening, grilling, or just enjoying the outdoor environment.

Patio paving come in a broad range of options, meaning you have many shapes, textures, sizes, and colours to choose from. The most common applications include the following:

  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Entrance Areas
  • Walkways
  • Courtyards
  • Terraces

Concrete Pavers in Abbotsford

Concrete pavers offer homeowners a multitude of enchanting style choices, from classic to modern options, which are well-suited for many outdoor kitchens, patios, and pool areas. The classic style options mimic brick and are a popular choice commonly installed in historic and traditional homes, due to their ability to create an authentic look. The modern styles of pavement, on the other hand, have precision cuts and irregular shapes with applications in Mediterranean and modern landscapes, mainly because they adapt easier to contemporary designs.

While pavers typically use a traditional rectangular shape, they can also provide square and irregular shapes and can create numerous patterns including basket weave, circular patterns, and herringbone. The biggest benefit of hiring concrete pavers is the numerous colour variations they can provide, thereby allowing you to mix up colours, although you can also alternate based on your preferred pattern.

The styles offered by concrete pavers in Abbotsford are classified into two main categories, including architectural and interlocking slab. All concrete pavers in Abbotsford will make sure to use Portland cement, gravel, sand, and water. However, the texture and durability of the material largely depends on how it is made.

Interlocking Slab

  • Incorporated edge spacers create more uniform joints.
  • Thick in nature, which means they are suitable for virtually all applications, including driveways.
  • Produced using a stiff, strong mix of concrete.

Architectural Slab

  • Has no edge spacers.
  • Thin structure, thus making them unsuitable for driveways.
  • Molded from wet concrete, so they resemble brick or stone.